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    We would like to show you where this wonderful project will be build. Contact us to schedule a viewing. You will then get an good idea of the view and the easily accessible location.

    Construction starts September 2018!


    At the Herenweg in Vinkeveen the Maximalaan will be realized where the small-scale new development project Vinkeneiland will be realized. On the island 9 very spacious homes are realized on the water. The project consists of five detached villas and four semi-detached villas and all have their own garage and have a floor area between 243m2 and 284m2 (excluding garage). The possibility exists to moor your own boat at your home. The houses also have a lovely terrace which are located overhanging on the water.

    Special about the project is that no house is exactly the same. The use of materials is very variable and sustainable materials such as ceramic facing bricks, stucco, wooden facades (durable western red cedar), wooden frames, hard stone decorative ties, ceramic roof tiles or zinc roofing fabrics have been chosen. Because of the variety in massiveness and use of materials, every home has its own character. Also by varying the height of the gutters and the building heights with many sloping roofs, the houses have a village character and the houses are a perfect addition to Vinkeveen.


    The villas will be realized on a plot at the Herenweg 112 in Vinkeveen. The location is located on the east side of the Herenweg adjacent to the Vinkeveens Plassen. The houses are located on the south side of the plot with the access road on the north side. The houses are oriented as far as possible on the water and have a possibility to realize a berth. To achieve this, the water on the south side has been considerably widened and the terraces overhanging the water. The two houses to the east of the plot are entirely oriented towards the ponds. The wooden cladding reinforces the appearance of the water houses. On the south side of the houses, elongated islands are laid out with vegetation such as, among other things, willow trees to provide even more privacy.
    There are ample views through the access road on the north side and the widened water on the south side.


    Vinkeveen is a water-rich village located between Amsterdam, Schiphol and Utrecht. Within 25 minutes you are both in the center of Utrecht and in the center of Amsterdam or at Schiphol. Vinkeveen is known for its wetland area: De Vinkeveense Plassen. This offers something for everyone in the field of recreation and nature. The Vinkeveense Plassen are characterized by the leggings. There are unique opportunities for water recreation here.

    Purchase prices from € 920,000 to € 1.265,000.- v.o.n.
    (In the purchase price a fixed cost for kitchen and bathroom of € 20,000 is included)

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